International Chess Master studying MS @ ADA & GW Universities

Each scene of Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon is painting. You cannot help but get immersed in the Georgian era, costumes, landscape. Kubrick often deliberately pauses his characters, slows down any movement, so that a viewer can scrutinize the scene as painting. This three-hour-long commercial failure, shot in 300 days, with…

Everything about Synthetic Aperture Radars minus the concept of ‘speckle’

European Space Agency, 2015 Processing: Kaupo Voormansik, Tartu Observatory, 2015, under the CC BY-SA 4.0

The image above depicts the thunderstorms over Estonia in false color RGB with VV-, VH- and VV+, VH- polarization backscatter. I also had no clue what that meant.

When talking about remote sensing images, one may assume a photo with colors of the objects visible to a human eye, such…

When I entered the empty room, instead of peace and calmness I felt discomfort — as if the lack of something necessary could also disturb the soul. What is this? — I asked — We don’t have nothing; the bare floor that we should sleep on will be too cold…

The scientific method is bogus, functional programming is good, time is a flat circle, and desert is beautiful

Photo by Koen van Gilst on Unsplash

There is a top-notch TV show called True Detective, the first season of which was phenomenal (except for the last episode, the last episode was bad). The screenwriter was a Nietzsche fan unlike me, and he liked to force his characters into philosophizing about life — the eternal recurrence, you…

Ismayil Shahaliyev

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